The Silent Protestor

The Silent Protestor also known as Amrita


He doesn’t know where he was born or who his parents were but that doesn’t distress this man. Ambrose is disturbed by the commercialisation of water and in response to that he has fought in silence for ten  years. For ten long years he hasn’t spoken a word because he believes that water is essential, a gift of nature that is being used to make profits. Ambrose also known as Amrita, stopped speaking after an incident in Bangalore-he went to people’s houses in the summer asking for water for construction workers. But he perpetually got this reply, “Go and buy water bottles from a shop.” This troubled him so much that he decided to create awareness about this by not speaking. Cardboard boxes are his bed and he sells books on non-violence, secularism and unity to make a living. This M.A from Bangalore university has given everything up to help the poor.

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