Make Love Not Scars By Shirin Hasrat

She was a study in contradictions.
For those who looked at her superficially she was a rebel without a cause, who broke every rule in the book and whom the school authorities had written off as a trouble maker.
For those who cared to look below the surface, here was a sensitive, vulnerable young girl, lost in the maze of teenage angst, looking for an anchor. A bleeding heart looking for love in a world too busy to care.
I connected with her initially because we shared the same birth date, and later because in her I saw reflected my own adolescence….lost, floundering, seeking stability.

Today that rebel without a cause is spearheading a very worth cause, ” Make Love not Scars.” This is a support group for acid attack victims who are not only scarred physically, but  for those who are at the receiving end of a great deal of emotional trauma, shunned by those they have loved and trusted.I am immensely proud of this enterprising young lady, and I would like to request my peers not to be judgemental of this generation who may be sporting tattoos or Mohawk hair do’s but have their heart in the right place.



Shirin Hasrat


About the Blogger–  I am a 63 year old retired teacher from Pathways World School and seeking the answers to life’s many mysteries. Life has been a roller coaster ride, and a great learning experience. I am alone but not lonely. I enjoy interacting with people to discuss life, its mysteries and mysticism.  I have lived life and am grateful to it for all that it gave me. I am the sum total of all my experiences and have no regrets or guilt for anything. I am grateful to be so blessed with a loving family and supportive friends who have held my hand steadfastly in the darkest of times.



3 thoughts on “Make Love Not Scars By Shirin Hasrat

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  2. Heart in the right place ! Wow !
    Did you say that, Khanum ?
    Yes, you did it, Mi Danam.
    Oh God, when did the stars dance
    A hundred thousand in one glance ?
    When did the whirling spheres
    Croon to me , last in my ears ?
    A heart in the right place
    When did He bestow His grace ?
    If only people in every port
    With dignity themselves deport,
    As they manicure their parts
    Do they reposition their hearts.
    Thank you Khanum for the gift
    It has lifted the spirits pretty swift.

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