Varija on Women

Varija Bajaj

Varija Bajaj



Varija, meaning Lotus in Sanskrit, is a Design Studio and namesake of Delhi based entrepreneur, Varija Bajaj.  A self taught artist, she has completed over a decade in the fashion industry and is accredited by the FDCI. Varija,  is now a case study in ISB Hyderabad. 


Feminism for me is being comfortable in your own skin as a Woman. It may sound very simple but in practicality very few woman can stand up for themselves and their rights.

Rules for a woman are mostly what it would be for any individual or a citizen. I don’t think there are any set of rules separately just because one is a Woman. Although I feel women have a collective responsibility to stand up for each other when it comes to a woman’s dignity.

It would be hard to pick a single woman as an inspiration. They are so many …they are everywhere. A woman labour at a construction site who take turns to feed her children amidst her work. A woman who teaches her children and is the foundation of a society’s value system .A woman who braves herself through a man’s world and dirty glares just because she wants to persue her dreams.


The Feminine Code by Varija Bajaj.

The Feminine Code by Varija Bajaj.


© Text & Photograph-Varija Bajaj.



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