Avleen’s view on feminism.

Avleen Khokhar

Avleen Khokhar




Avleen Khokhar, wears many hats. She is  a well reputed cosmetologist, mind therapist and spiritual counselor. Avleen, has been the recipient of many awards. A few months back she received a Woman of Substance Award in the field of Art and Beauty. 


A woman is nurturer and man is provider. A woman must always remember her basic nature to nurture what ever she does. Her work, her family, her surroundings must be nurtured and embraced. Feminism is not to be validated or acknowledged. Feminism is grace, love and softness.

Every woman must learn to love herself first . If you love yourself, people will love you for sure. If the woman of house is happy she can distribute happiness. Every woman must pamper herself. I feel equality is not the virtue or point of conflict. The real thought must be understood. Mother nature has made a woman a nurturer and she can only make a healthy and peaceful surroundings. So love your self, believe in yourself and nurture yourself and surroundings around you.

I am inspired by my mom. I have see her always smiling and boosting us in all situations. I have never seen her giving up. She has a solution for everything and she is a strong foundation of the house. I  am inspired  by the way she loves herself. We are three sisters with different set of surroundings. Initially, we all had problems to adjust in our new extended families. My mom use to counsel us in positive direction and now we all are successfully settled in our universe and enjoying love and respect.



Feminine Code by Avleen Khokhar

Feminine Code by Avleen Khokhar


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