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Shruti Chhabra is a Masters in Psychology with more than a decade of experience in the HR consulting space. She has recently launched her venture Saina Human Capital Advisory Services as a Sole Proprietary.


What are your views on feminism?

Feminism in my view is more about liberation and equality of both genders in various aspects of life. One needs to see a woman as a human being first and treat them with all fairness while taking decisions like equal pay, roles and responsibilities etc. The attitude that ” she wont be able to manage it” or “the weaker sex” is something that goes beyond me and I feel disheartened to deal with. Today in a developing country like ours, where men and women are equally educated, work equal number of hours and occupy similar positions in organisations, contribute almost equally to running the household; then why the discrimination.To sum it up both men and women should be seen as equal on a common war footing and play their game to win and meet their end goal.

If you had to make a female code what would it entail?

I dont believe in a code of conduct for women if I am saying that both genders should be treated at par.

A woman you admire?

One women who has inspired me is a “women of substance”. She has gone through really hard times both professionally and personally but kept going strong and worked fearlessly and persistently. Today she runs a company successfully and won many awards and has deep credits to herself; in addition to raising her child independently without compromising on the parenting bit and playing a dual role of both parents when her child needed it the most. I see her as an all rounder who has worn different hats at different times to motivate and drive subordinates; colleagues; her child; parents and meet their expectations without a crib.


The Feminine Code by Shruti.

The Feminine Code by Shruti.


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