Monica on Feminism And The Feminine Code

Monica Singh

Monica Singh




Monica Singh is a passionate, motivational woman who currently studies Fashion Marketing at Parsons. Her vivacity is so infectious that on meeting her you forget about the tumultuous life she has lived. She is not a victim but an acid attack survivor and what a firework she is! 



What is your view on feminism? 

“Feminism” is so different from just saying – “I am a Feminist”. It’s a strong word to describe your power- to become equal to man, with indefinite power of grace and strength. I am a feminist myself, but I don’t want to take the place of a man by up ruling their duties. Feminism is part of every women. But most of us forget its strength or they don’t realize it. It’s not a word to express women’s delicacy and irrevocably use it for wrong reasons. It’s unidentified source of energy which is most beautiful and powerful in its own way.

If you had to form a female code what would it be?

I would say that “Wo-code” should be knowing yourself and having complete control over your thoughts and mind. There would be no code as such, since we are living with unintentional disciplinary in our own life, already. But I always prevent through my mind as a “Man” can do attitude towards life. We have women around the globe who are going through different changes in their lives and creating new rules for their lives. It’s all subjective. If every country’s women can have their own code of conduct. Then why we are trying to develop one “code of conduct” which cannot apply on everyone. However, everyone has one thing is common -a Maternal Heart to prevent all negativity from their life. But they should start taking  psychological control too. Not to be afraid of men and social rules. And instead of thinking about others and loving others- THEY SHOULD LOVE THEMSELVES, first.

Who are the women who have inspired you?

If I say big names like “MOTHER TERESA”, MARY KOM or MANY MORE , that is not enough. EVERY Decade or I would say every era there is/was at least one woman who proved and brought change in our lives. The names I mentioned cannot imply to our current situation. So the Question is who can be the “one woman” who inspired me most – My mother?? I guess part of my life she inspired me. But I cannot ignore other women who came into my life such as- my professors, girls I met during my campaign, news reporters who believed in me, a girl who recognized me in the crowd and ask me to give her an autograph and take a picture. There are many who keep inspiring me all the time. It’s on me now, who I pick for my next inspiration to achieve my dreams, further.

The Feminine Code (Wo-Code) by Monica.

The Feminine Code (Wo-Code) by Monica.



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