Chitra on Feminism

Chitra Kalyani

Chitra Kalyani





Chitra Kalyani is a single woman who currently resides in New Delhi, a city she painstakingly explores and writes about. She previously studied and lived in Egypt. A freelance journalist, this Dilli Ki Billi is the founder of Delhi Live Events Guide. Currently, she holds the position of relationship manager at a Yoga studio and researches on mental illnesses.


What are your views on feminism?

I’m not sure I understand the question. If this is about whether or not I opt to be called a feminist – of course I’m for equal rights. Everyone should have one view of feminism: to support it.

 If there was a code of conduct for women (like the bro code) what according to you should be the rules?

The bro code usually has to do with how the game changes when women are around. I think a “sister” code would be for us to be supportive and encouraging of each other’s efforts, and to give guidance that is clear – including tough love. But at the foundation, to always give from a place of love.

Tell me about one woman who has inspired you ?

My English teachers have always been inspiring – probably why I ended up choosing to study the subject. They were perfectionists when it came to things like spelling, grammar, essay structure – their work; but when it came to an attitude towards you, I found them gentle. Without that, a genuine interest in literature and arts could not exist. I had at least two female English teachers in high school.


The Feminine Code by Chitra Kalyani

The Feminine Code by Chitra Kalyani


© Photo- Kailash Kalyani

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