Delhi Girls Talk About Masturbation.

Six Delhi Girls, Talk About Masturbation on a survey that was conducted by NiseethTV. Check out the video- ‘Girls Openly Talk About Masturbation- Delhi Edition’.





I’ve always been one of the guys, so conversations about masturbation aren’t really unfamiliar. How frequently they do it and where they do it, is kind of  a regular topic of conversation amongst men. It comes up when they have nothing better to talk about, when they want to show off their sexual prowess or even when they are just pissed with one another. “Ja muthh mar le‘, they yell at each other.

The women I know on the other hand are prudes. Though sex is no longer a taboo topic amongst women my age, talks about masturbation, are still  frowned upon. Like the girl in the video says,’ everybody does it but no one tells, ke haan hum karte hein’. Though, we are all familiar with the types and kinds of vibrators, especially after  Miranda introduced a whole generation of women to the Rabbit- on ‘the rabbit and the hare’- an episode of Sex and The City. We still don’t talk about it because we don’t want to be seen as  ‘bad girls’. Apparently, Indian men don’t like women who have with their own ‘bunnies’.

Though, my brother was jerking off at the age of 13,  I only started to  pleasure myself,  a couple of years ago. What a waste of my adolescence!  I don’t know why it never occurred to me, earlier. Probably, because I never  woke up with  a stiffy or flag pole or maybe because I loved the frill of sex more than the actual act of it. The right ambience, the right words- unless my imagination wasn’t peaked, I could be quite frigid. How unimaginative of me! Self Cultivation, has been a truly romantic experience, which has also made me appreciate and respect my own body. Not only has it been physically liberating but emotionally liberating, as well. One of the reasons, I’ve been in no rush to change my ‘single’ status.


  The Women’s Health Network, has also stated many advantages of female masturbation. Here they are-

1) It helps to prevent cervical infections and helps relieve urinary tract infections.

2) Masturbation improves Cardiovascular Health.

3) It’s a natural cure against insomnia.

4) It also lowers the risk of diabetes.

So all you Women out there, go ahead and pleasure yourselves. Unlike, what they say it’s actually, natural and good for us!

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