Many a little, make a mickle

Mom’s 60th went of as predictably dramatic as befits her life, I guess. Friday morning we found her with a head injury…thankfully, nothing severe… she heals steadfastly. She was discharged today, on her 60th birthday. Her face now shows the signs of the life she has lead…the body grows frailer…she looks much older.

I hear about the Earthquake from the part time help-”Bibi, tum ja nahin rahee ho?”, she asks”. A few fleeting lines on FB, is all I manage to pay attention to. Mom takes precedence and the devastation of the quake quickly makes its way to a darker corner of my mind.  I return home with a less selfish mindset, to be shocked by the devastation.

A few days after the worst earthquake to have hit Nepal in 80 years, the death toll has increased to 4,000. We all want to help. But after the Kashmir floods, I’ve realized there are more suitable and practical ways to help, during such times.

If you know the region  and have resources at hand-reach there As Soon As Possible- If not, wait a while! it usually takes all concerned organizations, a few days to build proper channels to collect and distribute the aid. After Day Five Or Six, all essential items are already on their way. Taking them personally- is an exercise in futility, unless and until you reach there on time and you have the means and the method to rescue and distribute aid.

For all those who want to help there are number of organizations, working on ground level. Cnn has compiled a list. Check it out. Boond boond se sagar banta hai.

How to Help the Victims Of The Nepal Earthquake.

After seeing the work that the Red Cross and the Golden temple did in Kashmir, I personally recommend contributing to either that organization or places of worship. In times of need, we all turn to God and that’s where the maximum number of survivors will head to- for food, shelter, comfort and hope.

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