Day 2-Seva

I have never felt like a Sardarni because I was never asked to be one. My parents are partially  liberal. As long as I don’t convert, they don’t bother about my flirtations with other religions. But other Sikhs get perturbed by me and I feel a bit akward around them. The fact that Punjabi doesn’t roll of my tounge doesn’t help my cause.
But there’s something I like about Sikhism – Seva. That’s why I head towards the gurdwaras, in tumultuous times. 
There are two main Gurudwaras in Kathmandu one is Nanak Math and the other is Gurdwara Guru Nanak Satsang. Though, the former is a historical landmark for Sikhs, as Guru Nanak Deviji is believed to have travelled here. It’s the latter where the relief was being distributed. The only Sikhs to be seen around were the Sevakars and the recepients were the locals from the surrounding areas, who had been affected by what is called the Gorkha Earthquake.

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