Day 3- Awe

Witnessed the magnitude of the destruction today as my cabbie Narendra, drove me to Pattan and Bhaktapur. Volunteers from all over the world can be found in all the tiny nooks and corners in and around Kathmandu, working relentlessly with the locals to mitigate the effects of the Gorkha Earthquake.

The displaced can be found in tents, everywhere. Though, the situation is grim, I’ve yet to meet an angry person. There’s a certain calmness about the people I meet. Even as a sixteen  year old, goes through a pile of rubble- which was once her home, she smiles through the pain.

Life returns to a normal pace , for some- the shops have reopened and the streets are crowded. Now, that the gravity of the situation has slightly subsided,  volunteers can be seen leading a helping hand as well as taking selfies, in front of some of the tourist spots. It’s an odd mix of volunteerism mixed with tourism.

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