Nepal Diaries#2

Wonder if the Gorkha day trip, will work out after all. Narendra, my cabbie warns me against it, not realising it’s the easiest way to get me to do something. Return to the hotel, to grab a quick bite and just as I finish my fruity nutty salad, I feel the earth shaking under my feet. A few staff members, run out of the hotel into the outdoor restaurant. Another earthquake rocks Nepal at around  half three and this time I feel the tremors, too. 

It’s the perfect setting for dinner- a deserted restaurant, rain, World Music playing on the laptop of a Westerner sitting across from me. The thunder interjects into the music…a staff member approaches me to ask if I’m afraid.  “We are”, he says. “The ground shakes from below and sky from above.”If I was in his place, I would be afraid, too. Experiencing loss is painful but witnessing it can be as traumatising.

Gorkha, hmm. I’ll have to see how tomorrow plays out. Whatever shall be, shall be.