Our state of affairs – World Environment Day


Andrews Ganj Flyover-Fire on the 5th of June.


Andrews Ganj Flyover


‘Meyaan ki daud masjid tak’, sums up my daily routine. Head out for my nocturnal drive…a round later on the route that I’ve been taking for almost two decades, at a distance, I see what I fear the most – fire. Hesitatingly, I drive towards it. Dry leaves have caught fire under the Andrews Ganj flyover. A few men are trying to extinguish it by throwing sand on it.

A few cars stop and men get down to ask if anyone has called the fire department. But of course another woman gets off her car…takes out her phone, starts recording, speaks about the incident and then abruptly leaves. Out of the many passerbys only two guys, wait around to make calls. We all call many times and are hugely disappointed with the emergency services. Anyways, half an hour later the cops and the fire brigade land up.

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