Then and Now

Got a Whattsapp from the Anonymous Aunty( he’s  not one but has all the characteristics of a middle aged gossip monger with a rather generous heart, though). “Ek pic bhej raha huun. Hope aap gussa nahin hongee.”

And then I receive this


with the sentence Then And now typed below it.  I don’t recognize either the 18 year old or the 36 year old from the pics, that have been cropped to suggest the age/weight or whatever. The boy who took the first one was crazy about me and the second one was shot and sent by the Aunty.  I send a polite thank you and smile.
Day before yesterday when I was stuck in yet another traffic jam, I picked up Mrs Funny bones. Thanks to the Delhi traffic and the confinement of my car, I managed to catch up on my reading. There was one thing  that Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, wrote that made realize- there’s a skinny girl inside me. 

P.S- Work calls- finish up later.

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