Dear Love
A decade’s gone by. Slowly I think of you less, every day but the thought of of you flashes through my mind suddenly and without intent. It’s a funny thing though, we humans are so terrified of the inevitable yet we tend to glorify it. No one tells you that one day the person you loved will start to fade away from your memory. I don’t think of you or miss you or love you, every minute of each day.Slowly, I begin to forget how your voice sounded…sometimes I watch a video to hear your squeaky little mouse, voice. There’s a boy at the gym who looks a little like you, I find myself staring at him rather shamelessly, though.
Six out of ten days I curse you and hate you for leaving, for dying on me…for leaving me in a life which is yours. You stole my thunder…I the reckless, restless being was supposed to die young and you the sorted, afraid of all things unpleasant creature…the apple of every one’s eye was supposed to live a nice, long, regular life. God does have a sense of humour…I must grant him that.
You know how people tell you time heals all wounds…balls! They should meet our parents. Or I guess it’s just you. You were the perfect one. I may forget all the little details but I’ll never forget the way you looked at me. Trust me no one’s looked at me like that in over a decade.


Jaswin Kochar

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