Do you think women should have access to places of worship?

Yes I think mahilla should be allowed to worship

If there was a code of conduct for the way a man should treat a woman, what according to you should that code entail?

Mahilla ko freedom deni chahiye. We should give them freedom. Only their parents have the right to tell them what to do, as  they have given them birth. As husbands and brothers we don’t.

What is the one thing that you think a woman shouldn’t do that a man can?

Ladko jesi faltu bakwaas nahin karna chahiye!

Name one woman you admire (other than your mother) and tell us why?

There are two. Benazzir Bhutto…she gave less importance to her family life and more to her country and the amazing Mary Kom .

#HeForShe-Rakesh Gupta

#HeForShe-Rakesh Gupta 



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