Have you faced any gender bias at home or in the work place?

I feel this space is too short to describe it all. It’s really shocking and it’s such a shame that even today women have to face gender bias at home and at workplace.

Is there anything that you think you can’t speak off openly, just because you’re a woman? If there was a her for him campaign would you stand up for men’s rights and support parity?

I won’t say that a man ‘shouldn’t’ do any particular thing that a woman can do, but yes, in my experience a man cannot be a mother but a woman can be both, a mother and a father, to her children. And of course, a man does not have the privilege to give birth, only a woman has this amazing life force energy! But yes definitely if there is a her for him campaign, I would love to support and stand up for men’s rights, we can grow and evolve only when women and men walk together and support ecah other at every step of the way. 

Rishu Chaudhry is a Osho Neo Reiki Facilitator and a Practitioner at Access Consciousness.