Things Change And Yet They Remain The Same

Things change and yet they don’t! In less than a week, the world seems a bit topsy turvy with the misogynist Donald Trump gearing up to take on the presidency of The United States Of America and our honourable Prime Minister- The Islamophobic Dictator, demonetising 86% of the currency in circulation. Am I shocked by the events? Not particularly; hate is a common binding function of the herd!


Demonetisation of 500 and 100 rupee notes

Cues outside banks on Sunday, the 13th of November.


Demonetisation of 500 and 1000 rupee notes

The First Sunday After The Demonetisation.



Economics and let’s not be as pessimistic as I am, and say- the hope of man from change, can be contributed as the reasons behind the rise of these two men. I have no aversion to change, considering I’m an adrelaine junky but I understand the futility of seeking it.  It’s like a man ( or woman) who marries his mistress to only realise later that she too will behave like a wife (or husband) and his problems will remain the same, even if the woman (or man) changes. Things always look more appealing from a distance.

We are under the male gaze and most societies around the world, irrespective of how progressive they may seem, still are patriarchal. Men have an aversion to powerful women and it seems the white male is just as or more misogynistic than his yellow or brown counterpart. There, can’t be any other excuse for 69% of white men voting for Trump. Based on their credentials, how the candidates handeled the debates, and their respective histories, Clinton though, not a flawless person, was still the superior candidate. But women can be portrayed as witches much more effectively. It’s much easier to get them to chant, ‘Lock Her Up’, than to ask him to shut the fuck up, as he mocks, women as well as the disabled. We don’t have a level playing field with the men, even if we are better, we are still not good enough!

I seriously doubt Trump will be able to build a wall to keep out the Mexicans and I seriously doubt The Dictator will be able to wipe out Black Money from the economy. The informal sector will continue to use cash, the rich have already converted or are converting their currency into gold, dollars or property and the poor as usual are paying the price for it. You know, despite the Gujarat riots of 2002, most of the people I know voted for Mr Modi. Nothing turned them off about him- neither his RSS background, nor his attempts to turn educational institutions Right-winged, nor his anti-intellectual  propaganda. Nothing, until now! Economics and convenience are terribly important in keeping sheep happy and Mr Modi just messed with that! If votes really do matter, he ain’t going to get many, the next time around. But, they don’t! Money does and considering the rest of the parties were caught unawares, the BJP will be the only party having enough converted currency to win any election, in the forseeable future.

But it’s a bold move, I must grant the P.M that and if he wasn’t a Hindu fundamentalist in a country where the majority are Hindus, I would have liked him for this audacity. Despite, the inconvenience it’s causing people, it could temporarily curb terrorist activities. But since he’s the leader of the herd, I can only give him my disdain.