Much like the male spider strikes the female spider’s web to signal an interest, so it seems messages are the call to mate (or love -for the ones who like to sugar coat our existence) amongst the urban human species. I’m starting to feel, completely at bay with these rituals. Would I rather be a penguin and wish for the male to present me with the perfect pebble? Or a frog and wish for the male to sing the mating call? A peahen perhaps who would study the size of the peacock’s tail and the eyespots on it. You may wonder why at 12 a.m, one is obsessing over the way the female species in the animal kingdom select a mate. Well, as you are aware, one is having a tough time deciding whether one wants to remain- single and unavailable or change that to, ‘ single and willing to mingle’. Letting go of the single part, I think is going to be as difficult as marriage once seemed. So freaking scary!

The Bengali Babu is about to arrive and one is already starting to fret. Yes, he’s still around and one hasn’t totally driven him away! Perturbed him, Oh hell yeah! What’s the fun of being me, if I don’t ruffle a few feathers? The new tattoo has really got under his skin. I don’t blame him, between what should have been and what could have been, it sums up everything.The shock has worn off and he’s back to the lovey dove messages. Lee Alan Dugatkin’s and Jean-Guy J Godin’s study-  How Females Choose Their Mates, reveals that ‘females often prefer to mate with the most flamboyant males.’ Well, this one is as flamboyant as they come. Mr Smooth Talker- wants to know what I’m wearing, wants to meet the parents, wants to tell me he loves me (my response- thank you). Basically, everything that makes me want to run in the opposite direction. I wish one was able to copy like fish and birds-‘ young females are more likely to copy the mate choice of older, more experienced females than vice versa. Further, copying may save time. Relying on the judgment of others may allow a female to assess a potential mate quickly and efficiently, leaving her more time to forage for food or hide from predators.’ But alas, one is human and will have to go with the instincts.


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