Knocking on heaven’s door.

Fategahr Sahib

All the anxiousness that one has been feeling for the past couple of weeks magically disappeared the minute I stood at one of my favourites spot (I’m a creature of habit-in each city I have one). All one required was more than a day spent in the car and the freezing cold.

But it wasn’t a drive I particularly enjoyed. Between menstrual pains the flu and looking at the cook-Sugar Red sleeping away to glory, all I wanted to do was sleep every couple of hours. The 17-18 hr journey which took me more than 30 hrs to complete, was quite the adventure though. Visiting the gurdwaras, car trouble, sleeping by the side of the highway- not stuff I wished for, but definitely worth experiencing! If every journey, in the past decade had been smooth sailing,  I guess I would have quit on this place a long time ago.

But looks like there ain’t going to be any solo tripping this time. Since, I’m unwell and the trip is rather short, the Father has insisted I keep the Sugar man around. I think I shall succumb, since not only is the house deserted but apparently most of the locality is. So much for some alone time. I guess it will have to be somewhere else, sometime soon.

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