Dear Love,

Not much has changed in the past year. Your face hasn’t totally disappeared from my memory, like I frequently worry, it will. 

Before I forget Majnu, the love  of your life sent a message on your birthday. Turns out you will remain in everyone’s heart…for a long time. Zyaada khush hone ka nahin he! Thank your stars I didn’t tell our father. He hurls abuses at your impractical ashqui.All your childhood pranks are etched in his memory and he gets drunk and cries about his ‘changa puttar’, at least once a week.

So our Mom was all set to have a rendezvous, with you last year. Though you remain her favourite- at least once every couple of days I’m told,’you’re very bad, if my son was here, he would have done…..’, but she worries about me, now. So sorry,  she’s staying  here for a bit.  You have half the khandaan to keep you company. Manage without your mommy. She’ll come when it’s her time.

Me? I’m good..mujhko kyaa hota he? Once in a blue moon, on a drunk night, I make terrible company. You were such a cry baby, so is our daddy and the mamas..I don’t understand men who can’t stand tears. Uff, it’s a terrible turn off. Prerequisite for a consideration for a relationship should be- the man should be good at handling tears. 

God, I miss you when I got to deal with the boys. No one is around to warn them (nicely) about me. No one tells them I have the temper of a ‘jungli suar’. There is no one who tells them, ‘tum meri bhen ko jante nahin ho!’ and there’s no one who smiles and says, ‘But she’ll always love me most!’….You didn’t have to die on me to ensure that.

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