Wasted Time

Sleepless at 7. 00 a.m. After an entire night of trying to hold my tongue (and miserably failing) sleep evades me. Got conned into spending an evening with a special kind of strange.

Relatives.. I know that man is supposed to be a social animal. But I prefer being anti the norms of a society where women you don’t know are dragged through mud for the sake of it…where the people who get together don’t even like each other and every one assumes the other doesn’t know their dirty little secrets. Imagine playing a game of chess but instead of one opponent, on the other side having a few. 

The purpose being to intimidate and trying to yank the other’s chain with ‘shut up  or we will tell’. One sits there deciphering the codes, (it is my bane) rolling one’s eyes and thinking…no scandals during or after a wedding…no extra marital affairs… no broken engagements…on a morality scale one’s life is not that scandalous, after all . As for how the story can be told, well there are many ways of telling it. But irrespective of how it may be told, the fact remains single, unattached and unanswerable…with nothing to gain from a herd and absolutely nothing to loose in a fight. So why waste such precious time on these interactions?