Ask me what my greatest turn offs are and the words ‘I love you’, top the chart and the words, ‘he loves you’ are the easiest way to make me physically mad.

But my extrinsic reactions to them are so much calmer now. I no longer try to push or use words like ‘are you my father?’ ( In Hindi these words are just priceless. Only one person I have met in my life has stumped me with ‘yes, anything else.’) Neither do I get all nostalgic and reply with what use to be my chosen reply in adolescence, ‘pyaar mujhse jo kia tummne to kyaa paoge? Mere halaath ki andhi me bikhar jaoge.’ Though, right now as the Mother lies on a hospital bed, yet again, it could be quite poetic!

But there is no need. Easy goes as easily as it comes.