At half twelve, I returned from a wedding and burst into a barrage of abuses. At the receiving end was the one who attempts to talk to me before I sleep, fully aware what the consequence of that could be. Of course, he never reacts like any man I have ever met. Just burst into peels of laughter as I go on an endless monologue of my favourite- ‘fudus, that’s what all you men are, ALL, top to bottom. Freaking cowards!’ I’m yelling and he’s laughing.

One is usually the Alpha, though a reluctant one . But there is nothing about my aggression that intimidates him. It amuses him and funnily enough he takes it as a challenge. But tonight there is just a barrage of words.

‘ Why, do you freaking ball less shits not have the ability to express your so called love for a woman? Why? And if you don’t then why the fuck do you pricks go about talking about it to the whole world and it’s mummy? And pray tell, why does the woman, the so called person you desire have to listen to the taunts of the world because of your freaking insecurities? What the fuck kind of love is this?’ I swear I yell all of this in my head but the only thing that comes out, ‘ You freaking cowards!’ , to the only one who isn’t!