Zakir Nagar

If you are looking to open ( break) your fast ( Roza khulta he) in South Delhi you can head to Zakir Nagar, Batla house or Jamia Nagar. Since it was a Sunday, I decided to make my way towards unchartered territory for Iftar.

Since, the Muslims friends I called recommended the usual places everyone heads to Jama Masjid and Ferozeshah Kotla for shooting the month of Ramazan, I wasn’t prepared for the how’s and where’s. The result can be seen in the forth image.

After the Jamia Millia Islamia metro station, I was diverted towards Jamia Nagar by the cop who told me I would find parking there. I found a spot right behind a truck which was parked opposite Waffle hustle. I parked and then came the after thought, that it was too close and somehow despite the camera, managed to reverse the car, in such a skilful manner, that it got stuck. Hum vaise he car itni lajawaab parking karte he, Mashallah!

Anyway, right at that moment I realised I forgot to carry my wallet. Asked the people outside Waffle Hustle for help and they immediately came to the rescue of the damsel. Around twenty minutes later, I went back towards the Metro Station and parked my car by the side of the road and ran out as I heard the Azaan.

It was like Purani Dilli minus the congested streets. Though, I don’t cover my head in CC, I loved walking the streets with my head covered ( my idea of liberation has absolutely nothing to do with garments) wearing my sneakers, camera around my neck, chatting with all and sundry as the evening turned to night.

Though, I didn’t eat a bite, everything looked sumptuous. I will be visiting really soon sans the camera and with my wallet of course. So should you!