Raksha Bandhan

A few years ago, this site would have driven me to tears. But one is slightly saner now, though the Mother’s repeated insistence that one should buy a few Rakhis for her, does make one fly off into a wild rage.

Anyhow, Rakhi went off the way it usually does with a little bit a tear shedding and a lot of reminiscing. AA, who has been sweeter than usual, ever since my BP has shot up, offers to baby sit but one can be snappier than usual on certain days, so one asks for a rain check.

Check the phone a couple of times and by four get a message from the one who never forgets to send a message. They say blood is thicker than water, this one isn’t blood. Ever since I can remember, the Mother made Rakhi into the biggest deal. The brother and I would receive and send so many Rakhis- from and to cousins, from domestic helps, to friend’s brothers and sisters. It was on this day, we had to make the annual pilgrimage to meet the father’s family, who lived on the other side of town.

Twelve years after the brother’s demise, one is yet to send any one the sacred thread and yet this one never forgets.