40 Days of Kindness

Forty is a significant number, I’ve been told. Women become naughty at forty, men have mid life crisis, then. As an act of romance, at fourteen one kept a ‘chillia’ akin to Lent ( 40 days of abstinence from non veg, which may seem like nothing to some but from the way we’ve been fed, it’s one of the hardest things to do). This was all SC, by the way, whose very traditional, SB would probably turn the tables and starve a man for forty days!

This year to celebrate 40 years of existence on this Earth, one has taken up the 40 days of kindness challenge. Considering how vile SB can be, it’s going to take some effort but I begin today- the 22nd of April, as God knows where I will be later. If one documents it, like most people usually do, for me it will defeat the purpose. But as a suggestion for anyone who wants to do this, the rough outline for my plan works like this- Charity begins at home. So, the first is going to be towards myself. Forgiveness eliminates many a burdens from the heart, so over the course of the next forty days, many people would be hearing from me. The list could be longer but reconnecting with married exes isn’t my cup of tea ( I’m a fatu, I avoid cat fights like the plague).

My list starts within and goes without. So on it are loved ones, society at large, animals and the environment. Yours can be inspired by your own life or from the fabulous lists, you can find on the net. Take it up, it May not be as great as the ice bucket challenge, or as awe inspiring as the Kiki challenge ( I’m not being sarcastic, there’s merit in being ridiculous, it brings lots of appreciation from the herd) but I’m sure it won’t do you any harm.

P.S- A few hours after having begun, I really have no clue, how good an idea this is! As I check off people from my people I need to make amends with before I hit forty list, I wonder if by the end the forty days, there’s going to be a restraining order against this crazy lady?