An hour and a half later, the cars slowly crawl towards the fuel pump. A man in a gray safari, pees in the bushes, I wonder if I can do the same (I don’t). I get off the car, a rickshaw stops infront of me. ‘Madam ghuma ke laye kyaa?’ asks the driver cheekily. ‘Maze aa rahe he aapko?’ Taang kheech rahe ho bhaisahab? I reply. ‘Madam pehle karva laeti!’ he says. Twenty men infront of me and probably twenty behind and this man has stopped to give me advice.

SB’s reply to pesky men is usually- ‘ Papa ke liye doosri biwi dhoond raha he?’, ‘ Chal Chal Hawa Ande!’or my all time go to line-‘ Baap lag raha he mera?’ But day after tomorrow, one will be in Kashmir and God knows one requires all the patience in the world, to deal with the uniformed men, there. ‘Ji, theek keh rahe he.’ SC takes over as the man drives past.