Poisonous Air

As the air becomes poisonous, schools to remain closed till the 5th of Nov.

The Air Quality Index remained in the ‘severe’ category.

Air quality index above 400 is considered severe, whereas, above 500 falls into the ‘severe plus’ range.

Doctors claim that the masks aren’t particularly effective.

The government has advised people to remain indoors. 37 flights were cancelled due to poor visibility.

The Odd/Even scheme which is supposed to begin from tomorrow, may bring some respite. Though the BJP is vehemently opposing it!

Two wheelers are exempted from Odd/ Even, as are women drivers and any vehicles with children in uniform.

As it becomes impossible to breathe, the streets are less crowded. Eat carrots, drink water, consume vitamin C, remain indoors and pray for better days, is what the experts advice. This while the Centre and the State play the blame game!