Fuming after yelling for more than an hour. The heart pounding like crazy. I’m so envious of people who have no reactions, no volatility. One is so fucking volatile, never know what is going to send me for a toss.

‘These guys think we are dating’, tells me Ocean for the umpteenth time. Having heard it as many times, should probably make me immune to this crap. But I heard so much shit from ‘these’ guys , many moons ago, that one is not in the mood to be bullied into a corner, again. SB is in charge, after all. ‘ Why?’ ‘What?’ ‘How come you are here?’ ‘When?’ ‘Where’ ‘How come you’re here alone?’, these questions are never asked to the men. In one’s head, one is allowed to do everything that men are, that’s why they are so perturbed by me.

A slew of obscenities later, she just can’t have this conversation, again. The trouble with being soooo open about your life is that, people assume there are many more hookups, than there have been. Which is ok, human beings usually like to pretend to be better than they are, therefore, they hide what may make them look bad. I on the other love being bad, so there is a more casual, callous way, in which I roll out things, which may make look more blasé than one is. It’s when I get linked with men towards whom I have brotherly feelings, that’s when I loose my shit.

You would assume society changes. But all the damn money and education, doesn’t change people. Maybe a little dent, here and there but it just doesn’t bring about the change as rapidly as it should.