2002 and 2020

Since the mother’s nursing attendant has fallen ill and gone on vacation, I have been unable to go, anywhere, today. I call them my baby practice days, when the attendant is unavailable…diaper changing and feeding… how much we become like babies when we grow old. Anyhow, the baby is asleep but there’s only one thing on my mind.

Watching a documentary on YouTube about the Gujarat riots and the similarities are uncanny. The next thing we know, the PM will go on a Yatra around Delhi, trying to convince all of us, about the Gaurav of our shehr. Watch it, you’ll get a shiver down your spine! Specially the similarities-the targeting of opposition leaders, by killing them as in the case of Ehsan Jafri and the one in Delhi through accusations ( Your guess is as good as mine, as far as that is concerned). The compliance of the police force, the role of the Bajrang Dal. Arson, seems to be there modus operandi.

On Oct 29, 2002- The EC called it an extraordinary situation that 2,24,000 Muslims had gone missing from the voter’s list and that 1,76,000 would vote from their new addresses, within the state and within the neighbouring state. ‘Sonia ayege to Muslim, ka raj ayega!’ says one bhakt in the documentary.

‘ Build your temples, have your mosque

But don’t shed our blood for it.

If a Muslim God doesn’t place in your temple

If the Hindu God doesn’t reside on your mosques.

Then why have a religion that preaches murder

You can take away Allah and Ishwar but don’t shed our blood for it.

You can have Ram and Babar but don’t shed our blood for it.’