Forbidden Fruit

The Coronavirus or the Covid-19, is playing havoc in all our lives. Shoots have gotten cancelled, workshop and classes, too! The only work people want me to do right now, is cover the protests, which I don’t want to risk. I have a sick parent in the house, anything I carry, will be passed on to her.

A person who spends as much time as I do alone, should be absolutely okay with social distancing. But no! My Daddy is right, ‘Jo tumhe mana karo , woh to karna he hai. Kucch bolna he nahin chahiye tumhe!’ Each time I hear something on the radio, I’m itching to meet anyone. I call up a friend, whose doggy is unwell. ‘I’m dying to meet someone, anyone and everyone should meet me, right now! I tell her. ‘It’s become like the forbidden fruit, for you, right?’. ‘Yup’, I say as she declines.

Right then my phone rings. ‘Aas pas dekh ke nahin chalati he. Saath me hu mein tere itni der se!’, yells my married, lawyer, gym friend, as he pulls close to my car. I’m so lost, all the time, with the head up in the clouds, I just don’t notice anything. ‘What are we all going to do, the gym is also closed?’ he asks. You may assume from this conversation that we are fitness freaks, who are such regulars at the gym, we can’t imagine not working out for a single day. Balls! I took an annual subscription, and haven’t attended sixty days in the past twelve months. As for him, he’s a very busy lawyer, with two kids and an active social life. But I guess we all hate restrictions!

After deciding we are all going to catch up soon ( which we’re not going to do), I drive back home. The Mother who is already frail. starts throwing up and as we all try to make her feel better, time flies. ‘Not worth the risk’, I remind myself. So, the next few weeks are going to be spent, having endless nocturnal conversations- with the one who can talk endlessly and listens to me, limitlessly. And ofcourse my friend Ocean, who is usually high enough, to not understand half of the shit that comes out of my mouth. If I get too bored, the books, the music and the Rabbit are there to keep me company, as usual.