Dear Love

I miss her so much, I can’t sleep. It’s hard to believe no one will ever say, ‘I love you the same.’ Maybe we will be united sooner than I know.

Running a temperature and the body hurts. I have caught something, hope it’s not the virus. Firstly, because there were people at mom’s bhog who might have caught something from me ( that’s of I have something) and secondly, I got to have my own back.

The boy who saved me yet again, calls repeatedly to check on my wellbeing. ‘Have this medicine, do this, do that’ he instructs. SC comes out when she hears his voice…someone knows how to soothe her nerves..someone who has never left her side, through loss, depression, heartbreak, despite SB’s tongue and inspite of SC’s silences. ‘Renew your passport and just come, here, otherwise you’ll loose your mind.’ he tells her, always wanting to protect her from the darkness within.