So while in a parallel universe, one is dating many men, in this one even the rabbit and I are separated. The tragedy of the billi going on hajj, is after the 100th chua, they will still think there’s a 101st/102nd.

So one is an extremist- it’s all or nothing. Now, that the whole world and it’s mummy is asking me to get married and the rest of it is hatching conspiracies of me, eloping, I login to Tinder, to figure out dating. This being friends with men without doing them, is seriously backfiring on me. The billi has to get in to action mode, at some point. Not particularly this one, when one is a mess. But one will need a distraction, soon.

But before that, one question- Aae ki he? This unromantic, type thing is how people meet these days? Really? Oh my bloody God, I have never felt this old, in my life!