The times we live in

I think we are looking at a year, before things return to ‘normal’. Honestly, other than no photography ( since I can’t travel and I am not allowing anyone to enter the studio), which is problematic, my life as of now, has reverted to being quite regular. Like I said to a friend, ‘I’ve maintained social distance my entire life, this is just an excuse for me to not meet anyone.’ But a lot of people struggle at the moment, not just physically or financially but psychologically, as well. For an extrovert, this must seem like the end of the world. Hope God grants everyone the strength to deal with it.

The authorities become strict sporadically. Today, as well, there are restrictions in place at the border of Noida. One manages, like one manages most things, by not understanding the word ‘no’. Ironically, love is the only area where this stubbornness fails miserably. Love reminds me, how terrible a time this is for all singles. I hear countries where there’s a culture of ‘go get drunk and get laid’, people are terribly depressed and there the suicide rates are rising. Ha, inflated dolls and robots, don’t look like that bad an option, now do they?

But seriously, this whole model of independence that we have aped from the west, really needs to be re-examined by us. For all things necessary we need people close to us-when a child is born, when we need to leave it to go for work, when we are sick, when someone dies. I’m not saying the joint family is the ideal scenario but there should be like an in between scenario, a group of people from whom you can derive your strength, for basic survival.

The sexual frustration levels must be severe for the number of cars that stop, to check if I am a hooker, walking up and down the flyover, famous for the deed. Once, in a while I find, a woman of the night, lurking around in the darkness. I wonder what kind of men would risk it right, now and then remind myself to not be so judgmental. We all have our own needs and our own trips. I also, wonder how these women and the third sex would be generating an income, in these times? Tough. We really need to organise the prostitution sector and provide them with benefits.