Random thoughts

Though one’s not a fan of Sadhguru’s, as one totally disagrees with his political views but I found this in one of his books. So the said man asks, that our experiences make us bitter but shouldn’t they make us wiser? Makes sense, note to myself.

Has one thinking- Shouldn’t the fact that the hurt that someone else has caused us, make us more sensitive and we should avoid causing the same pain to another? If we have been abandoned it our times of need. shouldn’t we be there for people, more than ever? If someone gossips about us, should we not do the exact opposite of it, knowing how it feels? Trust me easier said than done.

SB is very reactive and these days totally out of control. You slap her, she whacks back so hard, the other person is left shell shocked. It’s her way of going, now you know how it feels? She never goes on the offence and if she ever says something against someone, it’s always and only because she has had it with the nonsense that the person has dished out. But all justifications aside, she has someone else who watches her, totally aghast, at the giving back as you good as you get!

Reminder- don’t go away from your basic nature, otherwise you will not be able to deal with what you will become. We become what we hate and it’s easier to pick up other people’s bad habits than to pick up their good ones. Increase your own vibrations, let people do what they want, you concentrate on becoming the best version of yourself.