I’m told, I should learn to hold back a little. Not everything is for public consumption. My assumption is that the public is not consuming this. Maybe, a few people here and there.

It’s an odd thing, to not talk, right? When you don’t really share things with people, a blank screen, a blank piece of paper, the vast sky do tend to entice you more. We are all so inconsequential in the larger schemes of things, nothing we ever say, do or become is going to matter, in the end. Besides, an uncategorised blog post, with no tags, which is posted at the beginning of a month,gets buried into the heap of nothingness, one will get buried into, sooner or later.

What will remain hopefully, like what remains of my childhood, notebooks all over the house, with odd things written on them. Some quotes, a phrase, a tiny house scribbled with home sweet home, written on it and somewhere on the same page the words, ‘run away!’ as if asking and urging me to so. Displaying, the dichotomy of my being, from a young age. A part, constantly seeking security, wanting to call something it’s own and the other, continually wanting to escape!