Dolling Up

COVID precautions at salons


I remember, I promised to doll up but coming to the salon and sitting for two hours, is a mind numbing and terribly ticklish, experience! Ya, ya, I know I said, twice a month but once in eight months is not bad, considering social distancing, Ma!

Anyhow, the real reason, I came is because I planned to go to the Dargah for Jumme Raat but SB, dragged me by my ear and parked my ass, here and there I sat like a timid puppy. She sporadically appears these day, absolutely livid at SC. ‘Behave yourself or better still, let me do it for the two of us. We are going to start answering questions? No, Kyuun Jaana he? Who are you? Why do you want to know? Or our favourite question to answer all questions, that puts off most men, the hukum ka ikka-baap bana raha he mera? You’re going to get us into so much trouble!’, the protective part of me, yells at the clingy one. I can’t even describe them as my good and bad sides, like Dustu and you ( no prizes for guessing which one you would be, lol). Apparently, one has only two different bad sides- they are like the Devil and the Deep blue sea.

Why does my mind know stuff and yet my body, refuses to listen to it? Silly of me to ask you that, it’s like preaching to the choir! But, I feel like the moth, which is totally enamoured by the magic of the flame! The only thing, that will drive some sense into me, hopefully, is when The Wall, will appear.