Delhi Karavan

I attended my first walk, with Delhi Karavan, today. What’s interesting about these walks is, that each reteller of history brings into the tale, their own personalities. The founder of Delhi Karavan- Asif Khan Dehlvi, is like the rockstar of the heritage walk circuit. A tall man with bulging muscles and a deep voice, who speaks the language of love, his key audience no wonder, comprises mostly of women.

Asif is more a storyteller, than a historian and Delhi Karavan is more like a family than a company. It’s not the best place to get your facts but it’s a great place to make friends, have a good time and explore the city. The Hindustani, the stories, the narration, make him an obvious charmer, his tales of unrequited love do have a way with the ladies and it seems with men, as well. I have never been for a walk, where the attendees are more interested in taking pictures of the leader and other attendees than the place they are visiting, which is a bit distracting. It’s also the reason why, one has been unable to get a picture, it’s like shooting a sports event from a booth. Everyone gets the same thing. After taking two, I just stopped. Having said that, it’s great for anyone, who wants free pictures of themselves, attending these walks, as they upload them on the Delhi Karavan, Facebook Page, regularly.

One is a bit charmed by him, too, so one will do a proper feature, at some point, after attending a few more, as and when they happen. If you’re fun loving and looking to hear some stories in Urdu, you’ll love this, check out the page, I’ve mentioned.