What is this ridiculous concept of peace and happiness that people keep shoving down your throat all the time? Ever since they became a well marketed product, to be bought of a kitchen shelf, one has the same aversion to them as religion. Struggle is the natural state of human kind, if peace was, man wouldn’t have been banished, in the first place.

The hypocrisy of human kind never ceases to amaze me. A kind that glorifies its creator, yet rejects all the emotions, that make it human, terms them sin. From wrath, to lust from emotional outbursts to the physical need of the body, everything is terrible. Let’s contain everything, pretend and then pretend a little more. Apologise for our existence, our thoughts and our feelings. One likes the observer, the one who watches all the feelings, knows they are there and somehow learns to deal with them at some point.

Someone asked, so if peace and happiness are not the final aim, what is? To reach a higher state, I would assume, na? ‘ What is a higher state?’he asks. Higher than where you, as an individual, from where you began. Not some universal higher state. If that was the case, there would be no concept of karma. ‘What then is the ultimate state- all negative or all positive?’ How can it be anything but both, the peaceful and the angry, the yin and the yang, the balancing of all your energies, the struggle of a caterpillar not just the becoming of a butterfly.

I still look at the world in bewilderment…unable to grasp, these concepts, that I am supposed to mug up but I’m unable to. These set of rules to follow, that people follow, they just naturally know how to fall in line. Give them a book and for a long time it becomes their mantra. One on the other hand, goes through life, like one went through school, wondering why everyone is believing what they’re being told, wondering what the fuck is happening. Experimenting through it, wanting each emotion to consume one, biting into the sinful and having those moments of sheer ecstasy ( without any drugs) that can only be experienced, when one sits near a water body, staring into nothing.

They keep trying to convince me I should become peaceful, sit like yogini. Some of us, where born to whirl like mad dervishes through life and find our peace in the movement. Hum badzaat aurte sirf marne par peaceful hoti he!