The other day someone said to me, that when one questions a man’s feelings towards oneself, not only is one being disrespectful to the said men but also to oneself. That somehow my Daddy issues overpower my ability to deal with someone who actually likes me- who is not physically and verbally abusive. That somehow, the kid inside me looks at all men and thinks they are all like that. Wellll, you know most people have Daddy issues, my gay friends will vouch for having many. Let’s not blame one mere mortal, for my screwed up choices. I’m going to be forty freaking two years old. I must have met people and experienced life beyond the walls of this house.

Has said man skewed my vision of the world? Little bit! But you know what, go for a Landmark Forum basic course and a roomful of people will tell you the exact moment, their parents fell from grace and became mere, fallible mortals. One just came from obviously dysfunctional, trust me I’ve seen functional families and there’s barely any difference. The secrets are just concealed better. So spare me the psych analysis.

What has truly sunk in though, is that I have great instincts. For the first time in my entire life, they have become less self destructive and more about preserving my sanity ( which one barely manages to cling to). So, relax, take a chill pill. Read this, that I chanced upon from a couple of years ago.