Happy birthday

Happy birthday to my support system- wannabe father and surrogate mother. May you have the best of everything. May God return to you manifolds the goodness that you spread. May that spine of yours always remain erect…may you always be as uncontrollable and fearless: unaffected by position, money or power.

Thanks for entertaining me with your silly dances, mimicry, with your never ending supply of trivia and bizarre stories, making me crack up at almost everything- from my anger, to the coming and going of boyfriends and prospects. You have the funniest reactions to the situations I get myself into. Remember what you told the cop when he asked you to explain something to me? With a smirk on your face you looked at him and said ‘aap bol ke dekhlo manti he to!’ Poor man was so confused by your chilled out reaction, thank God you didn’t laugh when I was yelling, as you usually do. When I threw a stone at someone who was passing lewd comments and jerking offinstead of asking me to not go for a walk at night, like most people would suggest, you said, ‘ next time aim on the head, not on the feet!’ Bail tu karvadena!

Thank you for calling me everyday since my mum has passed away. You have been with me through the darkest times albeit from another country by coaxing, scolding ( all the freaking time) and of course fussing over me, like a mother hen. While people leave you at your worst and only want to know you at your best, you my friend are the exact opposite. I’m sure your childhood experience with stray animals comes in handy to do what my mum called ‘handling this thing’ . You’ve taken the promise you made her, too seriously, no wonder she only asked you.

If you’re expecting a thank you for saving my life four times, it ain’t coming. Hero bane ki zaroorat nahi he mamu, sangat apni achi kar le, nahi to teri bhi ticket kat jayegi jahanum ki! Knowing me, kabhi yaah bhi free mein tour mil sakta he!

PS- According to me it should be mandatory to learn how to drive before you turn forty!!