The Ambassador of Eccentricity

Since it’s your birthday tomorrow and life is too short, might as well do this. Though, I know you hate public displays, still I’ll indulge myself. Happy birthday to my nuttiest friend. Wishing you the best of everything. May you remain deeply, madly, crazily in love with life. May you continue to kick ass at everything you’re passionate about-cinema, music and the arts and may you remain as obsessive as you are, about everything that you love! May you forever be my dost…my family! May you find someone who loves you to bits (cause you deserve all the love in the world) who is of sound mind (unlike both of us) and who doesn’t stalk me!

What a roller coaster we’ve been on, in the past two decades! You’ve seen me go through loss and heartbreak and I’ve seen you loosing your shit! We have grown up together but our brains haven’t developed much, since then. It’s like we’re two crazy people holding on to each other, trying to ensure the other doesn’t fall off the cliff. Of course one of us is a scared puss who can’t see the other cry! Eye roll!

Thank you for being choooo chweeettt! For worrying about me, scolding me constantly ( baby go home…Nonsense woman, don’t drive down…Paaji, why are you out at this time? Why are you doing this that and the other) and laughing like a mad hatter at everything. You lighten up the most serious situations with your one liners- ‘ Aap ka Virat Kohli jaisa strike rate he’. You crack me up! I only recently realized, after bearing a terrible brunt how gentlemanly you’ve always been. In two decades, inspite of all our fights you’ve never, ever been disrespectful. That’s true class. We should thank Akka, for bringing you up to be a gentleman.

Of course, you’re someone I greatly admire: your work ethics, your values and just how freaking talented you are, amazes me! You don’t need to receive awards for me to know how awesome you are, I knew the first time I saw you shooting (totally engrossed and so passionate). I never say this but every time I get a message-Good morning, LM.L, even after two decades it makes me smile. It means more to me than all the poems because it’s heartfelt. I love how much you take me for granted, how I am your ghar ki murgi! Someone you can call, at any time of the day or night , after however many days. Of course you get called an asshole for doing that but it’s so like Dusty, that cockiness.

I will always be your Alizeh ( but I’m not dying of cancer, ok!) your baby ( you’re the only man who is allowed to call me that) and your brat, however many others come and go. You can continue being my bestest buddy, from a distance ( I’m much more tolerable from faraway). I can’t be your woman but I will be with you forever, my Nutso! After all my kids will need to meet a specimen, whose nuttier and more stubborn than their mother!