Systematic Destruction Of A Person

This is why!

While the Ludhiana experience was really touching, something happened the day after that, which regressed my mind to a place, my dear friends have been trying to cheer me away from since then. ‘How does it matter? ‘ ‘Don’t feel bad’ ‘It’s just one person!’ they say.

‘I’ve seen my mother being destroyed by the same system and it will not rest till it renders me useless or inconsequential!’ the fear grips me as I go back and forth, my entire life. It’s like a freaking Pandora’s box, one unpleasant thing and I fly off the handle. ‘It’s not one person! It’s a network that wants to put a defiant woman in place and I don’t know how much longer I’ll be able to hold on!’ I think. ‘ God sees everything Ma’am!’ my young friend tells me. Here’s hoping.