14th Feb

Happy Valentine’s day to all those who still manage to believe in the magic of special days. The rest of us cynical types, who’ve visited the rodeo too many times, are no longer entertained by the frivolity.

But I still ain’t buying myself flowers and I still ain’t going to write my own name in the sand. Too young and still way too spoilt for that baby dolls! Miley’s song may be the new anthem for jilted lovers, everywhere but it doesn’t resonate with me. It’s a nice tune to groove to, though! But it talks about self love which is vital. That’s a lesson I’m learning well, in my forties. It’s making me much more insufferable than I usually am but you can’t send someone else to do your own damn job! Watch your own damn back and pick your own damn self, from the shambles!

Nevertheless, this song still makes me smile. Most women want a fancy wedding…when I was younger I wanted a tempo ride with my brothers for a proposal, a tattoo ‘owned’ inked on each other ( all the feminists I know are going to freak. No we aren’t regressing down the patriarchal path…it’s being being mutually territorial……which is exactly what marriage is…so why not just spell it out?) instead of wearing those God forsaken, ugly solitaire rings and I had this song in mind if I was ever asked to ‘perform’! Still love it…

Hopeless romantic? Hell no! Love my darlings, they say for some is a practical issue, for some an emotional reaction and for others a game. Check this out

No guesses, what it is for me. No wonder, my favourite love story of of all times- The Thomas Crown Affair is about outwitting each other into submission. Of all the mundane things in the world…what’s the fun in loving if ain’t going to rip you apart, in every freaking way?