Women’s Day Ride Organised By LetsRyde

If you think, ‘ women can’t ride bikes and they are each other’s worst enemies!’, think again. These women will shatter that belief. Not only do they ride like the wind, they cheer each other on. This year, one wasn’t in the mood to celebrate womankind. Someday, the past year, will become what artists do with their feelings, turn it into a body of work. But somehow, one bumped into this incredible bunch of women, thanks to Amit Saini from Lets Ryde Academy.

One attended the motor cycle riding workshop, which entailed learning how to pick up the bike if it fell and learning how to walk with it. That of course did not qualify me, for the ride to Leopard’s Trail, which was organised, yesterday. This was done in honour of women and was called The Women’s Day Ride.

‘Let’s break the stereotype’, is Amit’s favourite line, that he repeats, constantly. It seems to work because women from all walks of life, attend these classes. Abha, who led the ride, is a doctor and the owner of a BMW bike. Someone, with an infectious laugh and camaraderie that trickles down to each member. She held court, effortlessly and made everyone comfortable.

Tarana, a 34 year old, Muslim woman, will shatter your belief that the women of her community are suppressed. She works, rides and does as she pleases, while keeping her head covered, laying to rest, the idea, that women’s strength and independence can be gauged by the size of their clothing. Anita, who was just about to graduate from the academy, is all excited about riding to Ladakh, bro! From air hostesses to directors, to advocates to wives who bought Royal Enfield’s on a whim because, ‘they loved how it looked’ are all learning at this academy in Gurugram, that has been running for the past few years. So, if you feel the need to break the shackles, do check out their classes.


Ever since mum has gone, life’s become more difficult, much more than usual. So every fallacy, I had growing up, about things getting better eventually, have thankfully been shattered, leaving one with three options- Giving up in totality, disappearing or locking horns. Though, the first two are hugely enticing but something about the enormity of the pressure ( financially, mentally and emotionally), the difficulty and hopelessness of the situation, one finds oneself in and my mother’s life, stop me from gravitating towards what one is naturally inclined towards.

The life, that seems all hunky dory on the onset of course is filled with tremendous instability and chaos. The apparent perpetrator of that long gone, the actual one, still to be unravelled. So, one moves at a pace these days, that has concerned friends worried. ‘ Don’t you think you need to stop and process your grief? Be gentle with your self!’ asked me a friend, recently. That would be the sensible thing to do. But my maturity levels are definitely, not something to write home about! So, one moves from one thing to other, no longer in the quest for love or to find something to hold on to but to remain out of the house, just for the sake of remaining in movement. So that my basic masochistic nature, doesn’t over power better sense and the voice in my head, doesn’t render me useless.

I’m glad it does, though. One’s met some very interesting individuals in the past year. Fascinating to say the least and just when I almost gave up on my gender, I recently bumped into some women who with came their own fight, with their own struggles, their own battling of stereotypes. I never knew they could be spotted so easily. Women who walk as if they are reclaiming their spot on this earth, who sit with their legs wide apart, stating they’re the alpha, with just their posture. Who are as quick to light a cigarette as they are to help their own. Who abuse so easily and frequently they would put a sailor to shame but who cheer each other on, selflessly. Someone, once said, ‘if you feel out of place, you haven’t found your tribe!’ I don’t think I ever will, some of us are meant to wander by ourselves but I love the display of sisterhood.


Women’s Day 2021

Last year, I said that I would talk about the terrible, what I thought were atrocities (in hindsight the most valuable lessons) I went through, on women’s day. But one having been cynical one’s entire life, has become more so, in the past year. Jo beet gaya, usse bhulane walloh mein se to nahi he hum, lekin khudd khuredna apne zakhmo ko, uss mein bhi koi samajhdari nahi he!

Let’s just put it like this-If I was to celebrate, womenkind this year, just because I am one or because I do this ever year, there wouldn’t be a bigger hypocrite than me. One’s a terribly flawed woman but a little straightforward. So, I ain’t going put up an act to seem evolved and forgiving. When I do forgive and evolve that too shall be recorded. In a world full of people pretending to be perfect, emanating Godliness and yet not having a single good word to say about another person, at least a few of us, can be damaged, vindictive and honest in our Devilishness.

This year, I’m pissed off with my kind, in a way that can be understood only by a woman who has a mother in law, who encourages her son to ill treat the wife. By all those women who get surpassed for jobs that they deserve because the female boss doesn’t want the competition. By women who have their conversations recorded by other women, edited in a way, to prove their point about how terrible she is. By someone who has a sister in law who keeps tabs on her through the drivers and the help, through a woman who has friends who tarnish her reputation because they can’t bear that her husband is good to her. By a woman who turns down a man’s proposal and is ridiculed by him in front of her own female friends who repeatedly encourage the behaviour. By a girl who is molested or raped but is shamed, rather than supported. By someone who is sexually frustrated but is asked to deal with the husband’s coldness because well, he is a man. By someone whose mother convinces her to bear with the infidelity of the husband because he’s wealthy.

By a girl who is told to drop her ambitions by her female relatives. By all the little girls who come from low income households, who are made to give up their education, so that their male siblings can be taught. By all those rebellious women who make up their own rules as they go along, rather than follow in the footsteps of the one’s who have gone. By all those ladies, who have been made to sign away their legal rights over paternal properties by their own mothers, just so that the sons can be pleased. By a lady who is mocked by her female relatives for being divorced, childless or unmarried. By all those women who are told by ‘society’ they can’t reach for the stars, just because they have vaginas. By all those girls, who are shamed by the colony aunties, for their short skirts and by each and every female fetus that is killed by her mother, for being the same gender as herself. I’m mad at my kind this year, so I shall refrain from saying anything, at all!!

P.S- I know you’re going to argue that these are the byproducts of patriarchy. But better sense should have prevailed by 2021.