The Jahaz Mahal

The Jahaz Mahal situated at the end of the Mehrauli bazaar, adjacent to the Hauz-i-Shamsi- a water reservoir, is known for many reasons. Some historians believe that it was a mosque while others claim that it was a pleasure house for the royalty . Though there are many conjectures about the  purpose for which it was built; this ‘ship palace’ built during the Lodhi period is well-known for its intricate design. Other than the chattris and the jharokas, the Jahaz Mahal also has a mosque inside it. There is a  proper mirab, the mirab is what indicates the kibla, which is the direction to which the Muslims pray. Its  an important monument for a study on Sufism, therefore a regular spot for sufi walks,  since a Sufi Saint is believed to have inhabited this space.  The name is dedicated to the reflection that is formed in the water  of the reservoir. This red sandstone palace that once would’ve had a rectangular courtyard has now been reduced to a U-shaped structure. Encroachment has destroyed its main entrance and the south wall has collapsed. But there are talks of restoration of these missing portions.

Location- Mehrauli

Entry- Free