Tripti on Women

Tripti Singh

Tripti Singh






Tripti Singh is a young, introverted student of Fashion Styling at PAF.


Feminism is the soul of a lady. A mother, a sister, a teacher who have great stamina to defeat in battle, as well as to inspire for good reasons. A woman has the feature to make anyone’s beautiful just instead of it she wants respect and love!

The set of rules which I will make for woman is just to let her live freely without
showing any kind of partiality. The second rule is that there should be no rules.

A woman who has inspired me is Kalpana Chawla. I admire her for her talent, courage as well as for her dedication to her work. She inspired me while she was alive and even when she’s no more.

Tripti Singh

The Feminine Code By Tripti Singh



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Shruti’s Views

Shruti Chabbra

Shruti Chhabra





Shruti Chhabra is a Masters in Psychology with more than a decade of experience in the HR consulting space. She has recently launched her venture Saina Human Capital Advisory Services as a Sole Proprietary.


What are your views on feminism?

Feminism in my view is more about liberation and equality of both genders in various aspects of life. One needs to see a woman as a human being first and treat them with all fairness while taking decisions like equal pay, roles and responsibilities etc. The attitude that ” she wont be able to manage it” or “the weaker sex” is something that goes beyond me and I feel disheartened to deal with. Today in a developing country like ours, where men and women are equally educated, work equal number of hours and occupy similar positions in organisations, contribute almost equally to running the household; then why the discrimination.To sum it up both men and women should be seen as equal on a common war footing and play their game to win and meet their end goal.

If you had to make a female code what would it entail?

I dont believe in a code of conduct for women if I am saying that both genders should be treated at par.

A woman you admire?

One women who has inspired me is a “women of substance”. She has gone through really hard times both professionally and personally but kept going strong and worked fearlessly and persistently. Today she runs a company successfully and won many awards and has deep credits to herself; in addition to raising her child independently without compromising on the parenting bit and playing a dual role of both parents when her child needed it the most. I see her as an all rounder who has worn different hats at different times to motivate and drive subordinates; colleagues; her child; parents and meet their expectations without a crib.


The Feminine Code by Shruti.

The Feminine Code by Shruti.


Ritika on the feminine principle.


Ritika Narang Tickoo.

Ritika Narang Tickoo.



Ritika Narang Tickoo is a post graduate in marketing and communications. She is the co-founder of Either Or, an eclectic store which aims to support and create awareness about handicrafts. Ritika is a Delhi girl, who has been residing in Pune for over fifteen years. 



For me feminisim is not being the bra burning, screaming for your rights…but an acceptance of the feminine principle and its strengths, subtleties and experiences. As a follower of Shakti , it is the celebration of the energy source within us …which allows to be the the bud in the flower, the wild river, the raging storm , or a silent forest. There can be no life without it…and hence respect for it is the only way.

The Feminine Code-To understand our diversity and to celebrate it without insecurity. That with great freedom comes greater responsibility. That if we are free to choose our dance , it still must not trample in others ballets and dance dramas.

There are many many, many women who have inspired me. But for me it is the representative of all womanhood..the goddess divine that inspires me. For every query, for every thought there is a form which Inspires, encourages and invites you to go deeper and deeper to see yourself.


The Feminine Code by Ritika Narang Tickoo.

The Feminine Code by Ritika Narang Tickoo


© Text and Photograph- Ritika Narang Tickoo.