If My V Could Talk

Inspired by the Vagina Monologues
Art works displayed in New Delhi, in 2008.

We at a 100 pieces of me love the Vagina Monologues. The above artworks, were inspired by Eve Ensler’s, famous book and displayed in New Delhi, In 2008. In 2022, if my V wanted to say something though, this is what it would say!

If My ‘V’ Could Talk. Plate 1 (2022)
If My ‘V’ Could Talk. Plate 2 (2022)
If My ‘V’ Could Talk. Plate 3 (2022)
If my ‘V’ Could Talk. Plate 4 (2022)
If My ‘V’ Could Talk. Plate 5 (2022)
If My V Could Talk. Plate 6 (2022)

P.S-Don’t shed a tear, it might bounce back into action with a vengeance. Ya, ya I know this why society at large loves me…it so gets my humour. Lol.

Women’s Day 2022

Women more than men can strip war of its glamour and its out-of-date heroisms and patriotisms, and see it as a demon of destruction and hideous wrong.’-Lillian Wald

Women are the victims of of war…as widows they’ve faced the trauma of being single parents and livelihoods of families are affected. A lot of gender- related problems come up in terms of health, education, domestic violence etc.’ -Kumari Jayawardena

We at a 100 pieces of me, are praying for the Ukrainian women, who are fleeing their homes due to this senseless war. Special dedication to our friend Anastasiia Pashniak, who shared this on Fb, a few days ago.

War…Day 9. Sometimes I feel like it’s a catastrophic movie. But the special effects are way to good. We and millions of people had to leave their houses skipping the sirens and sounds of bombs…My friends ask me if we are safe-No! No one in Ukraine is safe now.’- Anastasiia Pashniak

The Riderni- Preetpal

Moderator of the Riderni, Delhi Chapter
Preetpal is the mother of two fur babies.
She rides a Royal Enfield Desert Storm.
Preetpal, learnt how to ride from her partner, who is in the merchant navy around three years, ago.
A mental health professional, she counsels and enables young adults to solve their teenage issues.

Single Women in India

What do you do when you are sleepless, yet too exhausted to work or read? Not what you’re thinking! The rabbit has been put to rest since the beginning of the year. One is channelling all the pent up energy and of course the enormous ego into work. A month from now, the rabbit will come out of the hole and Gadhadhari Bheem ( a nickname I was given during a shoot) shall become shaant.

Back to the point…checking out random posts on Fb. Chanced upon the post my chic Bengali friend had shared- a debate on NDTV: No country for single women? Apparently, there has been a 39% increase in the number of single women in India since 2001 and at this moment, there are 12% single women in India. There are a number of women I know, who have never been married for various reasons, one of the most important being unable to find a mate who is as well educated or well settled, as they are.

Why am I single? Well, one is such a pleasing concoction of being commitment phobic, more than a little nuts and when in love, oh so clingy- like a guy. Uff and so in love with the chase. I don’t particularly care who plays cat and who plays mouse, as long as the game is interesting. Also, dude when I hear married women speak about their lives, I find myself thanking the boy for his ambiguous ways. Blessing in disguise! I literally know only a handful of married women who look happy to me and no, none of them are married to rich men!

The debate on NDTV, with a panel comprising – Sreemoye Piu Kundu-author Status Single, Deepa Narayan, the author of Chupp, Sanjay Rajoura stand up comedian, Shikha Makhan film maker, Kanika Tekkrikal, Geet Oberoi- founder/ president of Orkid and a couple of other people, is worth a watch. For all of us, single women it is just reaffirming our realities. We are all used to terms like ‘ slut’, ‘ lesbian’, ‘selfish’ and ‘arrogant’. Arrogant we are, for knowing we can live our lives according to our own rules!

EverydayWomen Plate 2

“Beauty is about being comfortable in your own skin. It’s about knowing and accepting who you are.”-Ellen DeGeneres

EverydayWomen Plate 1

This year for Women’s day, at a 100 pieces of me we celeberate the everyday women. Women I’ve encountered during my travels, in harsh terrains, in male dominated industries, just going on with their daily lives with all the strength they can muster. As captions are quotes about womanhood by famous women.

”Motherhood has a very humanising effect. Everything gets reduced to essentials”-Meryl Streep

Avleen’s view on feminism.

Avleen Khokhar

Avleen Khokhar




Avleen Khokhar, wears many hats. She is  a well reputed cosmetologist, mind therapist and spiritual counselor. Avleen, has been the recipient of many awards. A few months back she received a Woman of Substance Award in the field of Art and Beauty. 


A woman is nurturer and man is provider. A woman must always remember her basic nature to nurture what ever she does. Her work, her family, her surroundings must be nurtured and embraced. Feminism is not to be validated or acknowledged. Feminism is grace, love and softness.

Every woman must learn to love herself first . If you love yourself, people will love you for sure. If the woman of house is happy she can distribute happiness. Every woman must pamper herself. I feel equality is not the virtue or point of conflict. The real thought must be understood. Mother nature has made a woman a nurturer and she can only make a healthy and peaceful surroundings. So love your self, believe in yourself and nurture yourself and surroundings around you.

I am inspired by my mom. I have see her always smiling and boosting us in all situations. I have never seen her giving up. She has a solution for everything and she is a strong foundation of the house. I  am inspired  by the way she loves herself. We are three sisters with different set of surroundings. Initially, we all had problems to adjust in our new extended families. My mom use to counsel us in positive direction and now we all are successfully settled in our universe and enjoying love and respect.



Feminine Code by Avleen Khokhar

Feminine Code by Avleen Khokhar


Varija on Women

Varija Bajaj

Varija Bajaj



Varija, meaning Lotus in Sanskrit, is a Design Studio and namesake of Delhi based entrepreneur, Varija Bajaj.  A self taught artist, she has completed over a decade in the fashion industry and is accredited by the FDCI. Varija,  is now a case study in ISB Hyderabad. 


Feminism for me is being comfortable in your own skin as a Woman. It may sound very simple but in practicality very few woman can stand up for themselves and their rights.

Rules for a woman are mostly what it would be for any individual or a citizen. I don’t think there are any set of rules separately just because one is a Woman. Although I feel women have a collective responsibility to stand up for each other when it comes to a woman’s dignity.

It would be hard to pick a single woman as an inspiration. They are so many …they are everywhere. A woman labour at a construction site who take turns to feed her children amidst her work. A woman who teaches her children and is the foundation of a society’s value system .A woman who braves herself through a man’s world and dirty glares just because she wants to persue her dreams.


The Feminine Code by Varija Bajaj.

The Feminine Code by Varija Bajaj.


© Text & Photograph-Varija Bajaj.



Ritika on the feminine principle.


Ritika Narang Tickoo.

Ritika Narang Tickoo.



Ritika Narang Tickoo is a post graduate in marketing and communications. She is the co-founder of Either Or, an eclectic store which aims to support and create awareness about handicrafts. Ritika is a Delhi girl, who has been residing in Pune for over fifteen years. 



For me feminisim is not being the bra burning, screaming for your rights…but an acceptance of the feminine principle and its strengths, subtleties and experiences. As a follower of Shakti , it is the celebration of the energy source within us …which allows to be the the bud in the flower, the wild river, the raging storm , or a silent forest. There can be no life without it…and hence respect for it is the only way.

The Feminine Code-To understand our diversity and to celebrate it without insecurity. That with great freedom comes greater responsibility. That if we are free to choose our dance , it still must not trample in others ballets and dance dramas.

There are many many, many women who have inspired me. But for me it is the representative of all womanhood..the goddess divine that inspires me. For every query, for every thought there is a form which Inspires, encourages and invites you to go deeper and deeper to see yourself.


The Feminine Code by Ritika Narang Tickoo.

The Feminine Code by Ritika Narang Tickoo


© Text and Photograph- Ritika Narang Tickoo.



Rosy’s Thoughts

Rosy Singh

Rosy Singh





Rosy Singh is a successful, 50 year old business woman who lives in Nasik, Maharashtra.  A mother of two, she’s also a partner at Twilite Products (India).  

    What are your views on Feminism?

 I believe there is space for everyone on this earth- males, females, trans genders and for all ages. Why then do we need feminism or to carve out a place or want to be treated as equal unless you think we are not? Which I clearly dont…..Live and let live. We are all equal and have our own roles to play so why this feminism? Females are people with their own mind just like any other gender.

   If you had to form a code of conduct for women what would it entail?

  The only code of conduct we all need to follow is Humanity. We need to respect and value each person- of all genders of all ages.

 A woman you admire?

Living in Maharashtra, we have mostly female workers in the factory. I respect each of them who work, earn, support or help the finances of the family, look after the children, parents, in- laws and still have a smile. 


The Feminine Code By Rosy Singh.

The Feminine Code By Rosy Singh.



© Text &Photograph -Rosy Singh





The Feminine Code- Change Starts From Within.

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, we dedicate a whole month to women who are choosing to change themselves one step at a time. We are going to- ‘Be the change we wish to see in the world’. So here we go forming our own set of rules. For me the first one that encompasses all others-

Be Kinder To Your Own Kind- I would want to start by being nicer to other women.

For my views on the female code read the last paragraph of this post -https://a100reflections.wordpress.com/2015/02/08/in-response/