Delhi Queer Pride Parade 2019

There were strong protests this year against the Transgender Bill

Like every other year many expats flocked to the parade

Noor Enayat giving instructions to people at Parade.

Manak Matiyani playing master of ceremony

Delhi Pride Parade 2018

Delhi Pride Parade 2016

Delhi Pride parade 2016

Delhi Pride Parade 2016

A quip at the B.J.P

A quip at the B.J.P



Trump and Modi at the Pride Parade ’16

Delhi Queer Pride 2016

Delhi Queer Pride 2016-demanding a world that is anti-caste, sex and body positive.


Demonetisation at the Pride '16.

Demonetisation at the Pride ’16.


Deepti Sharma- founding member Delhi Pride Parade

Deepti Sharma- one of the founding members of Delhi Pride Parade.

Do they look like criminals?

Do they look like criminals?


Delhi Queer Pride 2016


Delhi Queer Pride 2014

IMG_7139 Delhi Queer Pride Parade on the 30th Of November 2014
IMG_7144 Artist Anita Dube, at the Delhi Queer Pride Parade, 2014
IMG_7199 The cute ones.
IMG_7117 Everyone came together from the LGBT community to celebrate and to protest.
Unknown Chef Ritu Dalmia, at the Delhi Queer Pride Parade.

The Third Sex

Celebrations at Jantar Mantar Pehchan, Delhi Queer Pride and the 207 against the 377, came together to celebrate the verdict at Jantar Mantar.
According to the verdict, the eunuch's will be granted admission into educational institutes and will be given employment. According to the verdict, the eunuch’s will be granted admission into educational institutes and will be given employment.



The eunuch community in India, also known as the,’hijras’ in local parlance; jubilated at Jantar Mantar this evening, in response to the verdict passed by the  Supreme Court of India declaring them to be -‘The Third Sex’.  The judgement which was passed on Tuesday gave new hope to the LGBT community, that probably this would the first step in repealing Article 377.



IMG_6509 Laxmi Narayan Tipathi is considered to be an icon by the LGBT community




IMG_6567 In some countries, a seperate pronoun is used for transgenders – Ze and Zir.




Noor Enayat Noor Enayat

”I have always felt afar from my surroundings. And then there are the hours…the hours that I can’t overcome…the hours that are a loosing battle…hours that never end!”- Zoya

Zoya’s thoughts make me uncomfortable…they prick a little at my heart. Her loneliness seems so familiar, she feels like a kindred soul. But then Zoya is just a made up character she writes about on her blog , insists Noor. There’s a vulnerability about Noor that is hidden behind her tough exterior and almost boyish charm:the ease with which she can make me blush would put many a men to shame.The intense look on her face when she champions for women’s rights, the impeccable timing with which she recites Urdu prose, the passion with which she protests against rape online, successfully hides the palpable pain of ‘Zoya’.

So as Rehana Kausar and Sabia Kamar made history this year – by going against the Islamic Sharia and being the first Muslim Lesbian couple, to get married in the U.K. Here in the subcontinent, I chat with our very own non-conforming Muslim woman- Noor Enayat.

Can you tell me a little about yourself:your religious identity as well as your sexual preference?
I am a Muslim by birth, by choice I follow no religion. I believe in God but I don’t believe in any religion, whatsoever. It’s the spiritual versus the religious conflict.
Professionally, I’m a brand consultant and on a personal front I am a lesbian.

When did you realize that you were attracted to women?
I started realizing I was more attracted to women when I was 14-15. Couldn’t really deal with it, so had a boyfriend at that time. I went to a coed school and then from that went to an all girls college and suddenly it was like wow! So many of them around! Okay they come in all shapes and sizes. There are no men around so one has to pay no attention to them.

Was it hard coming out?
It was hard coming out to the family despite the fact that I belong to a very progressive one. In a country like India, it is a very big taboo.


Was it harder because you are Muslim?
No my family does not believe in any construct of Islam other than, ‘islam ka matlaab hein insanayaat.’ It’s just that my mother felt guilty because she thought that maybe it was because of her divorce. We had our battles… for years we talked about everything else other than the women I was with. My grandmother was the most open-minded and accepted all my girlfriends with open arms.But now my mom has come around. I wasn’t allowed to tell my brother about it for the first three-four years. But he always knew and now we give each love advice.

Are you afraid of ending up alone?
I know I am going to be alone it’s a reality. In a place like India, most people can’t even accept the fact that they are gay and I can’t be with someone who wants to live a lie.

Was it difficult in the workplace?
In the workplace it was not as difficult as I thought it would be. But yes, at times it has been a bit awkward and that’s only because of with some homophobic people. I am no different from any straight person. Their work is not affected by what they do in the bedroom nor is mine!


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